Exclusive Limited Edition Albums on Reels

Direct from the Master | Artist Signed | Limited Editions

On RTM SM900 | LPR90 | LPR35

Speeds: 3-3/4ips* | 7-1/2ips | 15ips

Available in 1/4-Track* and 1/2-Track

We have started our own audiophile label, with a range of albums from amazing Australian artists available on reels and cassettes*

Every tape is recorded in real-time, directly from the master to guarantee absolute audiophile satisfaction

Bespoke, Hand Crafted, Super High Definition, Analog Remastered

Audiophile grade for the conscientious listener

*= Coming Soon

Electron Dense Mass
7.5ips | 1/2 Track | Signed
Electron Dense Mass
15ips | 1/2 Track | Signed